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Wal-Mart store in Ohio will adopt 100% LED lighting
Release date:2014-9-1

According to the U.S. Forbes magazine reported on 5th November, because of energy saving, LED lights are more and more widely used in retail stores, warehouses and office buildings. The Wal-Mart in South Euclid, Ohio will be the first 100% LED lighting store.

From the parking lot to sign, and then ceiling, as well as all the refrigerated area and all non-staple food area, this Wal-Mart will adopt LED technology, they will use the U.S. GE’s energy-saving lamps, and the light energy is only 50% of traditional incandescent. It is estimated that only the grocery area will save 59,000 kwh per year, this equivalent to five households annual electricity.

Wal-Mart said the store is a pilot in Ohio; it will serve as a model for its future store construction. It plans to reduce 20% energy for each kilowatt-hour per square feet in 2020 (compared to 2010).

During the stores construction, Wal-Mart invests heavily in renewable energy (especially solar). It invested about 300 renewable energy projects in worldwide, and plans to all use the clean and energy saving power in the future. There is no exact date when this plan can be reached, but Wal-Mart is already the largest live energy producers in United States. Sweden IKEA is also very positive in the environmental and energy saving field.