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Greenled released LED indoor lighting with A++ grade
Release date:2014-9-1

Recently, Finnish Greenled company introduced a indoor LED lighting, its energy saving level is highest among the entire European market. According to the company, this so called ECO E indoor lighting is the first energy saving products to get the highest grade A + + in Europe.

Greenled lamp can save more 50% energy than the use of the latest technology fluorescent tube. This lamp is for retail stores, shopping centers and industrial and logistics facilities. ECO E lamps can be controlled digitally, which means you can be more efficient to use of daylight for illumination. Digital control can adjust the brightness for a single LED lamp, also change according to the customer’s traffic and moving in stores, and customers will not aware of such changes.

Greenled CEO Mikko Aaltonen said: “With intelligent LED lighting and digital control, we can save about 60 to 80% than fluorescent tube without control.” This product not contains mercury, and longer working life.

ECO E tube

ECO E light