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Cree announced to recall 10,000 units LED high bay light
Release date:2014-8-28

August 26, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Cree announced jointly to recall two models LED high bay light that made in China, the number of total recalled lamps is up to 10,000 units. CPSC said the glass lens in the LED lamps may rupture and fall, so they have injured risks, consumers should stop using it and contact Cree company for a free replacement immediately.Currently, Cree has received 15 reports of broken glass lens, and no injuries by now.

The recalled CXB series indoor LED high bay lights model are CXB-23L-40K-U-1-HC and CXB-23L-40K-U-1-JP. These lamps are mainly used in airports, industrial area, municipal and retail stores. Those LED lamps are silver, with a glass lens, size is about 16×18×7 inches. It can be identified by the manufacturing batch number besides the UPC label. Only the following listed beginning codes products are in this recall:

AG45, AG48, AG49, AG50, AG51, AG52
AH01, AH02, AH03, AH04, AH05, AH06, AH07, AH08, AH09, AH10, AH11, AH12,
AH13, AH14, AH15, AH16, AH17, AH18
L1H01, L1H02, L1H03, L1H04, L1H05, L1H06, L1H07, L1H08, L1H09, L1H10,
L1H11, L1H12, L1H13, L1H14, L1H15, L1H16, L1H17, L1H18.

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