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IKEA invested Flexible LED Lighting Materials
Release date:2014-8-29

We have seen the LED lighting applications in carpets and wallpaper. Now, IKEA adopts LED lighting in its variety of household products. The company has invested in Design LED Products Ltd, and used its LED light tiles. According to data released by IKEA, the LED light tiles designed by Design LED Products Ltd are very thin, low cost, and energy efficient, also 20 times life compared to traditional lighting. According to design requirements, these optical blocks can be used in combination.

Christian Ehrenborg, Managing Director of IKEA Green Tech AB said: “This technology opens up fantastic possibilities for innovative designs using energy efficient LEDs. The partnership is a clear strategic fit for IKEA and our goal to make living sustainably affordable and attractive for millions of people.”

This technology is embedded LED in a flexible clear resins and film, then print optical film with various patterns in the surface, it can adjust uniformity and angle according to demands.

This light tiles can produce a variety of colors, and the light intensity can achieve 20,000 lumens per square meter. A single light tiles can be cut into any size and shape. The potential usages of those tiles including IKEA furniture, non bulb lighting and TV backlight.

Flexible LED light tiles

LED light tiles

Soft LED light tiles