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Japanese designer designed a LED wooden light bulb
Release date:2014-9-12

A Young Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada designed a light bulb, at first glance it like a wood carving bulb, but in fact it is hand-built LED lights! It exudes a unique feeling by this modern technology.

Ryosuke Fukusada adopted Japanese traditional woodcarving techniques named “Rokuro”, it places the pine on a rotating lathe, and then cuts the pine to the thinnest thickness of only 2-3 mm, finally the light beam can penetrate the thin wood layer, also with original wood texture, it is like the burning visual.

In addition, Ryosuke Fukusada chose cold LED lights specially, so do not worry about overheat may damage the wood surface, and also can emit a warm light.

This LED wooden light bulb was awarded with the Kyoto renaissance design competition, and the complex manual production makes this bulb sold at very expensive price at 2,000 euros.

LED wooden light bulb

LED wooden light

LED wooden bulb