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Denmark will add LED light for bus stop in 2015
Release date:2014-9-17

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark not only has many people and cars; there are also many bicycles, which causes lots of conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles. In order to making flexible use of the road and reducing accidents, the local government is ready to testing LED bus stop technology in 2015.

LED bus stop

The current Copenhagen bus get off location is nearby the lane; passengers get on/off the bus must cross the lane. Since the law stipulates passengers must give way to bicycle before they crossing the line, so is very inconvenient for bus passengers. The local government comes up with solutions, starting next year parts of the bus stations will be installed LED device, when the bus is arriving, theLED lights will underline the get on/off temporary area on the ground, and passengers will have the priority right to use the road. If the test is successful, it will consider introducing in other regions.