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SMD LED Precautions
Release date:2014-9-23

1) Reverse voltage protection

In generally, the reverse current of SMD LED is very small, it can’t effect using the component normally, but when it often suffered the reverse voltage which exceed the limited of the component than it will be damaged, the reverse current increases rapidly causing the string light display grayscale, so when designing, please pay attention to control the reverse voltage, we suggest the voltage less than 10V.

2) The safe temperature for LEDs working
The high temperature will make the LED’s luminous intensity decreased radlically, if LEDs worked in hot environment for a long time, they wil be disabled easily. When LEDs are working in a closed array, we suggest that the SMD LED surface temperature should be lower than 55 degree, and leg’s temperature should be lower than 75 degree.

3) No direct touch or press on LED.
When handling the product, touching the SMD LED with bare hands will not only contaminate its surface, but also effect on its optical characteristics. Excessive force to the LED may result in catastrophic failure to it due to die breakage or wire deformation. For this reason, please does not put excessive stress on LEDs, especially when the LED are heated such as during reflow soldering.

The epoxy of encapsulant is fragile, so please avoid scratch or friction over the epoxy resin surface. Be careful when handing the product with tweezers, do not touch the epoxy resin.